Summer History Camp

July 8-12, 2019: 9:00am - 3:30pm

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Ages: 6 - 12

Learn about Colonial children, Ferry Boat Transportation, Blackbeard the Pirate and Virginia's only convicted Witch, Grace Sherwood.

Campers will have hands on activities including: archaeological digs, civil war reenactments, and learn how to make haversacks, medicine bags, soap, and hearth oven bread.

All t-shirts, craft-items, and snacks are provided. Camp fee for one week is a tax deductible donation of $250 per camper.

*Please send a lunch each day with your child!


First Settlers Day

Learn about the first settlers of the Lynnhaven River. Campers will learn how to make candles, fire starters, different ropes/knots, colonial gardening and baking, including churning butter.

Native Americans Day

Campers will learn about the lives of the Chesapeake Native Americans. Who lived and cultivated the land of Ferry Plantation before the Walke family. The day includes carving soap, paint murals and learning about animal furs and weaving.


Civil War Day

Ferry Plantation will take a step by in time to experience Hampton Roads in 1862. Campers will prepare haversacks, see if they can pass a wartime physical, and reenact the Battle of Hampton Roads. Extra points to parents if you can tell us who won?


Pirates Day

Black Bart, Lewis Guittar, William Kidd, and Blackbeard himself used to loot and pillage the waters of the Lynnhaven. Today our campers will be joining their crews. We will be decorate bandanas, creating bottle messages and go on a hunt for Blackbeards lost treasure in the Lynnhaven. (Parents, did you know Blackbeard retired in Virginia Beach before getting bored and returning to pirating?)


Friday Fun Day

Today we are enjoying the simple life of living on the Lynnhaven. We will be playing “old time” games, walking to the park for a picnic (weather permitting). Parents are invited for our Ice Cream Social to end our Summer History Camp!