Trial of Grace Sherwood - The Witch of Pungo

At Witchduck Point, 10am july 10th 1706 Grace Sherwood, the daughter of a carpenter and the wife of a planter in the County of Princess Anne, was accused by neighbors of witchcraft. Grace was tried in the second Princess Anne County courthouse, found guilty, and consented to the traditional trial by water, Grace was tied crossbound and dropped into water above man's depth. if she were to sink and drown she was innocent and could be buried on holy ground, Grace did float, thus was guilty as the pure water was casting out her evil spirit.

She was incarcerated in the local jail just beyond this statue. after her release, grace paid the back taxes on her property in 1714, returned to her farm and worked the land until her death at age 80 in the autunm of 1740. Grace Sherwood was the only convicted witch tried by water, she lays claim to Witchduck road. her legend lives on as

"The infamous Witch of Pungo"

A woman of good standing with the Lynnhaven Parish Church

Married in the Parish Church in 1680

Was tried for witchcraft and found guilty, exonerated by governor Timothy Kaine july 10th, 2006 at 10am


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