Ferry Plantation House
It is not known how long ago Spirits first began to inhabit Ferry Plantation House.  There have been rumors of activity throughout the 20th Century and now into the 21st.  We do know that the peninsula upon which Ferry sits has been lived on since at least the 1500s when the Native Americans, probably the Chesepian, who also built towns across the Lynnhaven River, used the area as hunting grounds.  Our Director, Belinda Nash, personally found dozens of arrowheads while gardening out on the property and during the construction of the Old Donation Farms neighborhood construction crews found what is believed a Native American graveyard.

For many years, local residents said that even while the house was unoccupied, lights inside the house would turn themselves on.  They still do, according to several Volunteers.  One of the duties is go to every room in the house making sure the lights are off when Ferry closes for the day.  Many times, when opening the house for the next day of tours, volunteers will find the lights on in the third floor.

In the pitch black darkness that surrounded the house in the days before the Old Donation Farms development was built, strange balls of lights could be seen, dancing around the roof.

A year or so ago, the Oddity Files, a paranormal group from Indiana with a Paranormal TV show arranged to investigate the house for an episode of their series.

One of the rooms they investigated was the Gift Shop.  When the time came time to play back the video recording made during that session, a strange glowing ball floated by, outside the land-side window behind them.  The globe appeared to be illuminated from within.  Replay after replay, and soliciting opinions from many people, no one could figure out just what it was nor could they come up with a reasonable explanation.

It is possible that the Oddity Files inadvertently caught one of these lights that dance around the roof on their video camera?  They were completely unaware of the anomaly until after they reviewed the footage.  


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Copyright 2015, The Friends of Ferry Plantation House
Copyright 2015, The Friends of Ferry Plantation House